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I’m DC, I live in Glasgow.

The interests listed here aren’t by any means exhaustive. They’re mainly just the ones that occurred to me when I was setting this up. Basically, when you leave out Heathenry (which is a bit more than an interest, really), it’s: literature, SF, certain types of technology, science, art, music (listening to) and good food. I'm vegan, but I don't shout about it.

Many changes in my life in 2007, looking forward now to 2008...

Yeah, that was a mistake. Almost all my energy since 2008 has gone into dealing with having ill parents. So haven't posted very much.

adam adamant, aesir, alastair sim, albacon, anaesthetics, andrei tarkovsky, angel, arthur c. clarke, asatru, babylon 5, baker street, batman, bbc4, beatles, bisexuality, black books, books, cheese, chilli, chillies, chinese food, cinema, coffee, comparative religion, concussion, convention, cooking, curry, detective fiction, doctor who, dr. john h. watson, eastercon, eastercon2007, eastercon2008, eastercon2010, electrical eggs uk, eurocon, fan, fandom, fedora, fen, filk, film4, films, fokt, freedom of speech, friends of kilgore trout, genesis, glasgow, goddesses, gods, good beer, good food, grammar and punctuation, h.p. lovecraft, hawkwind, heathenism, heathenry, hi-fi, history, hugo awards, iain (m.) banks, intelligent people, interaction, itc tv series, jazz, ken macleod, leonard cohen, life on mars, linux, loki, magick, malt whisky, martial arts, medicine, meet the magoons, men, moots, movies, music, mutter paneer, neil gaiman, networking, paganisms, pasta, philosophy, physics, pies, pink floyd, politics, polyamory, polyamoury, polytheism, prog rock, quatermass, radio 4, real ale, reconvene, red wine, redheads, religion, resurgence of trout, ritual, rumpole of the bailey, running moots, sarcasm, scalpting, science, science fiction, scotland, scotland with style, scottish independence, sf, sherlock holmes, slackware, smof, spaced, stanley kubrick, star trek, suse, taoism, technology, terry pratchett, the prisoner, thor, trout, uk, united kingdom, vanir, vinyl records, west wing, witchcraft, women, worldcon, writing, wwii aircraft, wyrd, yes, yggdrasil, Óðinn