Envie d'un snog?


I like LJ less and less, though using Firefox on my usual boxes it's OK, because that's adblocked to the gills. When I have to use another browser or even FF on another machine, which occasionally happens, the experience is bloody awful. In fact, the last time I did I gave up because the site was unreachable behind an ad layer that wouldn't go away. Things like that piss me off. DDoS does too, but that isn't LJ's fault. Obtrusive ads, that's LJ's fault. If I didn't have decent adblocking plugins, I would be off.

But I'm not going away. Yes, I have a Dreamwidth account. That's where I post stuff, actually, including this, it just automatically crossposts to LJ. (If you are wondering, my username there is DC.) I don't mention it all the time because where you want to blog/read is your business, and I am not going to leave LJ, there are too many people here I want to keep in touch with. Just saying that in case a prolonged silence leads you to think I've buggered off.

I always get a little confused when people talk of adverts on LJ, I assume you have a free account? I have a paid, plus ad-blocker, so I don't even see the internal ads for LJ games.

I did try Dreamwidth, but just couldn't get comfortable with it.
I find DW quite like LJ used to be, though not exactly and it isn't perfect. Generally, it's less faff.

Yes, I have some variety of free account. But I think the ad that was particularly a pain was nothing to do with that, since I didn't even get to the point of logging in.
As he said in response, there are also massive ads on the log-in page too, now. (And video ones on the pages of the people with supported accounts or whatever they're called - the ones that give you more userpics than basic accounts, and that were the only kind of free account you could create for a while). I didn't realize how bad it had got till my desktop machine died recently and I was using the laptop, which didn't have AdBlock. Whooooooaaaaa.

I like the cut of DW's jib. I wish more people would sign up there and just use the crosspost function, but I admit that having a paid account and liking its few benefits - lots of userpics, the ability to make polls and being able to edit one's comments for oopsies are the only ones I can think of - would make one reluctant to do that.